CLOUD at GLOW + contemplating interactivity

On the topics of interactivity, light art and media facades, which I will be posting myself in the next week or two, check out this amazing blog post by my friends Caitlind T.C Brown and Wayne Garrett, the brains and brawn (in no particular order!) of the projects CLOUD, WRECK CITY and many more! It touches on a bunch of my own thoughts about interactivity and has so many beautiful photos of their work. Plus I ❤ Eindhoven!!! -Melanie Wilmink

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett





GLOW Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands began on Saturday, November 9th. Within the weekend alone, GLOW saw approximately 110,000 viewers, walking from piece to piece, observing giant blimp-bodied kites and projection mapping on buildings, a football stadium overcome by projections and lights, swamp monsters projected on the mist above the canal, an LED wall created for water-graffiti, and so much more. In this blog post, I want to share more about GLOW Festival, and some thoughts we’ve had lately about interactive art – CLOUD in specific.

(Keep in mind with the below images that many of these light works don’t photograph as vibrantly or beautifully as they appear in real life)

GLOW is an 8-year old light festival – making it an established light festival in relation to many. Eindhoven, the setting for GLOW, was the original home of the Philips Company, which financed many aspects of the…

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