Thesis in three minutes

I created this video for the SSHRC Storytellers competition. The challenge was to pitch SSHRC-funded research in a short video or audio project.  For those that won’t read the full 100-and-some pages of my thesis… here are the cliffnotes.

2 thoughts on “Thesis in three minutes

  1. Ahh! I watched the abridged thesis film! Great! (Why bother with 100 pages, when you can sum it up as concisely as that! ) Hope you’re well….are you done?
    if so congrats! And be sure to let me know when you are returning to the big R to defend

    1. Haha it’s true. I guess the theory is that I should be able to explain why and how to do the things the film only teases at! That’s the theory anyway…

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