2014 Successes!

Image from York Grad Studies website: Joining this year’s Elia Scholars Program inductees Ayyaz Ahsan Mallick (Environmental Studies), Anna Roberts (Administration) and Melanie Wilmink (Art History and Visual Culture) are previous winners Sarah Switzer (Environmental Studies-2013), Syeda Mariam Humayun (Administration-2013), Diane Sepa-Kishi (Kinesiology-2013), Brock Harpur (Biology-2012) and Paul Elia.

Continuing on the 2014 fun, I was awarded this great scholarship, which is enabling my full-time focus on school, and feeding myself, Luke Black and our Dingo. I also got a chance to meet with the donors of the award, Paul and Valerie Elia, as well as the other recipients, who are doing incredibly interesting research. I am awed to have been included in this group.

Dingo is always happy to have dinner in his bowl.
Dingo is always happy to have dinner in his bowl.

A massive thanks to the Elia family for funding this award. While I am at it as well, I never really got a chance to give some public credit to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the University of Regina for funding my Masters research. It was invaluable to me, and such a great honour. A huge, heartfelt thank you for your generous support.

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