A must-watch: Exit by Daniel Zimbler

If you’ve popped by my site at all during the last few posts, you may have noticed the constant design changes. Each time I login to the site, I play unsatisfactorily with the themes until I find one that doesn’t drive me crazy, and then when I visit the next time I realize that I was wrong… it does make me crazy.

It’s hard to find a lovely design that works, and is free, but I think I’ve managed to find one that will work for a while. The new design required that I go through and set images for each of my back posts, which while time-consuming, at least it helped me re-discover this great film I saw at the Calgary International Film Festival a few years back. It is now on vimeo in full, and if you have 13 minutes, you should check it out. If you are interested, my original blog post and review is here.

I look forward to seeing more work by this filmmaker in the future!

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