IMG_4150April 20 & 21, 2017: Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies Graduate Conference

Film screening of Elder in the Making (2015) by Chris Hsiung & Lisa Jackson’s The Highway of Tears (2016) VR installation (Organizing committee – Erin Yunes, Melanie Wilmink, Samuel Forrest, Evan Vipond).


May 2016: Dirt City Rock Fantasy: The Films and Music of Trevor Anderson.

Pleasure Dome; Toronto. Film Screening.
(Co-curator – Daniel McIntyre, Melanie Wilmink).
Rock anthems meet Hollywood divas meet Edmonton grime, Trevor Anderson’s artistic output combines music and film in a cinematic experience that is simultaneously humorous and raw. Turning a theatrical eye on his personal narratives, his work is always fresh, self-deprecating, bittersweet, and balls-to-the-wall fun.



IMG_1816September 2015: The Situated Cinema Project; in camera.

Pleasure Dome; Toronto. Public installation.
A portable micro-cinema created by filmmaker Solomon Nagler with architects Thomas Evans and Jonathan Mandeville of passage studio,  the structure features pilgrimage—an experimental film created by Nagler and Alexandre Larose.



“Lion” (2014) by Daniel McIntyre

June 2015: Radiant Bodies

Pleasure Dome; Toronto. Film Screening.
Exploring intersections between the human body & the radiant properties of cinema, films by: Emily Pelstring, Gariné Torossian, Daniel McIntyre, Louise Borque & Kyle Armstrong.



Feb – April 2012: John Price.

Gallery of Alberta Media Art; Calgary. Film Loop Installation. (Curator).
Exhibition of three short films by John Price.


March 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009: $100 Film Festival.

Calgary. Film Festival. (Programmer).
Annual avant-garde short film festival, dedicated to showing work exclusively on Super 8 and 16mm film. Now called Artifact Film Festival.


June 2011: Calgary Dreams; Aboriginal Shorts.

The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF); Calgary. Film Screening. (Co-curator – Christiana Latham, Melanie Wilmink).
Short film program of short films by local First Nations filmmakers. Featuring films by: Stephen J. George, Terrance Houle, Cara Mumford, Christiana Latham, Laura Auger, Kevin Littlelight, Elija Wells, Jack Saddleback and more.


Jan 2011: “Go East Young West, Go East!”.

The 8 Fest; Toronto. Film Screening. (Curator).
Short film program of Super 8 works from the $100 Film Festival.


August 2010: Canadian Diaries.

CSIF; Calgary. Film Festival. (Programmer).
A screening series and National Film Board online playlist dedicated to exploring Canadian experimental filmmaking practices.


camper_alexandreSept 2009: Urbanity on Film.

CSIF; Calgary. Film Festival. (Programmer).
A collaboration between CSIF and Truck Gallery. The project hosted artist-in-residence Kyle Whitehead, with weekly screenings that took place in various locations around the city, all in Truck’s mobile-home residency space.